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Revolution Under Siege

Release Date: 23 NOV 2010 Discontinued

Language: English
Genre: Operational, Strategic
Turns: Turn-Based WEGO
Complexity: Intermediate
Period: Inter War Period


File Size: 963mb
Download Time:
- 56K Modem: 38hr 12min
- DSL or Satelite: 2hr 5min
- High Speed: 25min
Version: 1.00
Manual: PDF E-Book
Editor: No
Theatre: Eastern Europe
Unit Scale: Division, Brigade, Corps
Turn Scale: Bi-Weekly
Players: 1-4
AI: Yes
Variable, 1024x768 Minimum
Game Requirements
Operating system: Windows XP/Vista/ Windows 7 (Does not support 98 or 2000)
Processor: Pentium IV 1800+ MHz
Memory: 1 GB (XP) or 2 GB (Vista or W7)
Hard disk space: 3 GB free on hard disk
Video: 512 Mb V-RAM or better
Sound: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card - DirectX: DirectX 9.0c or more

Crush the Bolshevik hydra or paint Mother Russia red!

Revolution Under Siege is a simultaneous turn based historical wargame that puts you in charge of one of the factions that fought the Russian Civil War (1917-1923). From a ragtag group of volunteers create the powerful Red Army, using all the weaponry and equipment at your disposal: planes, tanks, armored trains, Cheka troops and the Konarmia (the famous Red Cavalry). Or, on the opposite side, gather all patriots and reform the elite divisions that shall save Holy Mother Russia.

Can you succeed in crushing the Bolshevik hydra? Or will the people’s Revolution prevail? Several sides are playable: Trotsky’s Red Army, Denikin’s white counterrevolutionary forces of Southern Russia, Kolchak’s Siberians, Finnish from both sides, or the newly independent Polish troops led by Marshal Pisudski.

Revolution Under Siegeis based on the AGE engine, famous from titles such as American Civil War or Wars in America, renown and acclaimed wargames.

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  • A map of unrivalled precision from Poland to the Pacific Ocean. Be immersed in historical realism: hundreds of officers and units are faithfully represented in the game. Politics, requisitions, revolts, repression: Gain support of the population or pressure them with your political police. Cleverly use the brand new weapons of the time: tanks, armored trains and aircraft. Recruitment, organization: Create massive armies from groups of volunteers and use them in ambitious plans for victory. Can you capture Lenin or eliminate the different White leaders? Use diplomacy to trigger foreign nations entry in the war. New allies will endlessly change the course of your games! Enjoy unique campaigns covering each one of the years of the war in Russia, as well as the Finnish Civil War (1918) or the Russian-Polish war (1920). Or rewrite history with a what if scenario.

Reviews - From the Press

Review on Tacticular Cancer
This might actually be the best AGE game to date, and it's certainly the best game ever about the Russian Civil War. The vast distances and impassable terrain make it a unique experience, but at the same time very similar to ACW, with the same importance of railroad and river transport. New tactical possibilities were added by armored trains, tanks and airplanes. Extensive diplomatic options will keep the game interesting for a very long time.

Review on RSW
Revolution Under Siege is a premier display of all the issues that shaped modern Soviet military thought.

Review on Dome.fi
[Translated from Finnish] - If you are interested on Russian civil war or in the history of eastern Europe in the 1900s, RUS is a must-buy. The game just radiates the crazed years of the revolution.

Review on Gamer's Hall
84% - [Translated from German] Revolution Under Siege contains not only a variety of scenarios, but also offers exciting new features and units, with no known feel and comfortable design of the predecessor to disclose that. Another positive point is that of an improved AI leading to a significantly upgraded single-player mode.

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